Yahoo!’s Holiday Gift to You – New Features and Content for Livestand

Just in time for folks to unwrap new iPads or simply spend more time with the iPad they already own this holiday season, Yahoo! has dropped new features and content for Livestand. Time to sink into your couch.

In only six short weeks since Livestand’s debut in the App Store (picked as one of Apple’s featured apps), we’ve added in more entertaining features and popular titles to give you an even more personalized digital newsstand. And we’re still not finished – we’ll continue to iterate the app as we hear back from users like you!

In that spirit, here’s a look at what is new in the app today. To download the updated app or try it out for the first time here, visit the App Store for Livestand.

  • A new recipe finder in Shine from Yahoo! so you can browse recipes and create handy shopping lists. Cooking for a holiday celebration? This is a great time saver.
  • Local deals from your favorite sites like Groupon, LivingSocial or Bloomspot are now seamlessly integrated into Yahoo! Today and Shine from Yahoo!.
  • New Guest Mode to allow you to take a tour and experience Livestand without signing in.  It’s now a lot easier for your friends and family to take a peek at what Livestand would be for them. Just make sure to get your iPad back when they’re done!
  • Twitter integration to share articles, videos and more with a few taps. Simply log into your Twitter account through “Settings” on your iPad and start socializing.
  • New publications, including:
    • Shine from Yahoo!
    • Technology Review published by MIT
    • The Ticket from Yahoo! News (a new title focused entirely on the 2012 Elections)
    • Minyanville
    • Victorian Christmas
    • Big Think

Recipe Finder vitality module

Local Deals vitality moduleRecipe Finder Shopping List

We have big plans for Livestand in the coming year and will always be creating new ways to more relevant, more personal for you.  We’ll be adding new capabilities (many of which you’ve let us know you want), and of course, a lot more great content that you’ll want to jump into every chance you get. 2012 will be a busy year!

Have a healthy and happy holiday season,

The Livestand team

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