Yahoo! Sportacular Fans Think It’s Tebow Time

Las Vegas Dubbed the Most Socially Engaged Sports City; 58% of Men Check their Phones at Games

When the New York Jets visit the Denver Broncos tonight, Tim Tebow will again command the spotlight. Tebow, the Broncos’ second-year signal-caller, might be the most polarizing figure in professional football. But no matter your opinion, this much is clear: Colorado fans have faith in their quarterback. The Broncos are 3-1 since Tebow assumed the starting duties on Oct. 23 against Miami, reversing a 1-4 start to the season. Though his skeptics have been many, Broncos fans on Yahoo! Sportacular have not been among them – picking Denver to win in three of the past four games, all of which the Broncos entered as underdogs.

  • Week 7: 87% of fans in Colorado picked Denver over Miami (versus 72% for all fans) – It was Tebow’s first start and Denver won in overtime thanks to a great finish by Tebow.
  • Week 8: 62% of fans in Colorado picked Denver over Detroit (versus 24% for all fans; with fans in all 49 other states picking Detroit) – This time the naysayers were right as Denver got crushed 45-10.
  • Week 9: 50% of fans in Colorado picked Denver over Oakland (versus 20% for all fans) ­ Denver won and Tebow rebounded to play well.
  • Week 10: 77% of fans in Colorado picked Denver over Kansas City (versus 43% for all fans) ­ Denver won 17-10. Tebow only completed two passes, but one went for a long touchdown that proved to be the difference in the game.

Indeed, it appears fans in Colorado on Sportacular have a knack for predicting Bronco wins. Will the streak continue tonight? We’ll see. As of this morning, 76% of Colorado fans are picking Denver to beat the Jets, who are coming off a crushing loss to rival New England and are playing on just three days rest.

Of course, fans in Colorado aren’t the only ones going social with the 2011 football season, for both college and pros. Football fans everywhere are holding tight to their iPads and smartphones like running backs breaking for the end zone, using them to smack-talk with friends, make predictions, chat about what’s happening on the field, and stay current on sports news.

Nowhere is that trend more evident than with Yahoo! Sportacular, the only sports app in the iPhone Hall of Fame. To give you a feel for the social buzz around the country this year, we aggregated data from some of the interactive features to uncover facts about the most socially active mobile fans, and how they’re engaging with the 2011 football season. Check them out:

  • Most social city: Las Vegas is the most engaged city so far this football season based on game check-ins and predictions made (any idea why fans in Las Vegas are following the scores of football games so closely?).
  • Most social state: Nevada ranks as the most engaged state.
  • Predicting the wins: More than 7.8 million football game predictions have been cast to date.
  • Most popular NFL game: More fans checked in to the Sept. 26 game between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins than any other game this season.
  • Most popular NCAA game: The Nov. 5 showdown between then-#2 Alabama and #1 LSU received more check-ins than any college game this season.

Finally, according to a recent survey conducted by Yahoo! Mobile & Razorfish, 58% of men are “fact checking” on their mobile web browser while at live sporting events, with nearly half (47%) checking scores of other games and players.


Download Yahoo! Sportacular on your iOS or Android device today to be part of the action.

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October 16th, 2012 at 5:37 am


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October 26th, 2012 at 7:07 am

HELP…I upgraded to the latestest version of Sportacular and now Icannot get the latest lines like I used to when I shake my iphone!!!!!


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