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  • Posted November 2nd, 2011 at 11:38 am by Yahoo! Mobile
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It’s a big week for Yahoo!. We launched some great new products today at Product Runway and mobile was a running theme with three new experiences across a range of devices.


One of the stars of the show was Livestand from Yahoo!, a personalized living magazine designed first for iPad and available to download today, free from the App Store in the U.S. Livestand weaves together content from more than 100 publications, including, ABC News, Forbes, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! Finance and omg! – with more being added every week.

And the more you use Livestand, the more personalized it becomes. It’s easily tailored to your own passions and interests, wrapping great content in a visually rich, stunning design that features videos, photos, and intuitive navigation. Livestand is also built on many of Yahoo!’s most important technical innovations. If you’re a techie kind of person, head on over to our Yahoo! Developer Blog to hear about the newest of these technologies, Cocktails.

We’re so excited to show it off. Take a look at this video we pulled together and don’t forget to check out


IntoNow for iPad

Next up: IntoNow from Yahoo! for iPad. More than a million people have downloaded the popular TV companion experience for iPhone/Android, and today we’re bringing that experience – and more – to iPad.  We all love to cuddle up with our iPads or smartphones while watching our favorite shows. IntoNow for iPad has just made TV watching even more engaging, social, and fun. With one-touch, it quickly identifies what you’re watching through its context-aware SoundPrint technology, and whether its live or recorded shows, IntoNow instantly offers up related content and tweets, personalized TV recommendations, and seamless discussions around your shows with friends via Facebook. Check it out here.


Yahoo! Weather for Android

Rounding out today’s mobile launches was Yahoo! Weather for Android, available today in 35 languages and 62 countries.  It all started at an internal Yahoo! Hack Day just four months ago as an idea created by some Yahoos looking to give folks a way to “see” the weather outside without taking their eyes off their phone. How? Flickr, of course. The new Yahoo! Weather uses Flickr to bring weather to life with corresponding photos that match location, time of day and current weather conditions.

SF_yahoo weather

No Flickr experience would be complete, though, if we didn’t also find a way to bring in the amazing Flickr community. That’s why we also announced “Project Weather,” a new crowd-sourcing project that you’re all invited to join. With six weather conditions per city, for both day and night, and for a global roll-out…well you get the picture, it’s a lot of images! We’ve started it off with complete images for several cities, but we need your help going global.  So, if you want your photo to be the “sunny day in LA” or “it’s raining in London” image, join in the effort now!

It might always be sunny down here in Sunnyvale, but to check out the Weather near you, go check it out here. It simply has to be seen to be believed.

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