Demystifying Mobile Advertising, Part II

Last week, in the first of a three-part series called “Demystifying Mobile,” our director of mobile sales strategy, Paul Cushman, talked about the four things that marketers should consider before jumping into the mobile advertising channel.

In this week’s post, he discusses the importance of running bucket tests and defining benchmarks to maintain effective mobile campaigns. The user information found will be very insightful and will help you tweak and optimize your strategy accordingly. You can read a small excerpt below, but be sure to read his full article in our Yahoo! Advertising Blog.

Try thinking of mobile today as the 1996 Web all over again. What were we doing then? We had a simple test matrix that mapped offers and placement. You “ran broad” at the start, evaluated performance using the rudimentary analytics solutions of the day, and then you optimized—and learned very quickly what worked and what didn’t.

Check back in with us next week as Paul will be talking about why tracking and measuring performance is important in mobile.

Ginny Hung

Yahoo! Mobile

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